Sandy Cove Marine Recyclers

Sandy Cove Marine Recyclers is a branch of the company that has put the well being of the environment at its forefront. We take boats destined for the landfill where they will be buried and give them a new life. We strip the useable parts from the boats and then grind the fiberglass into a reusable product that can be used in multiple applications such as concrete products and insulation. The parts recovered from the boats are then cataloged and available for sale at our warehouse located in Honey Harbour. This process has diverted tons of waste from our landfills and matched hundreds of boaters with the parts they need to keep them enjoying their time on the water.  

Sandy Cove Recyclers is the proud recipient of the Southeast Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce 2008 Business of the Year Award. We also received the Safeguading the Environment Award at this years Canadian Safe Boating Awards.

If you have a boat to recycle or if you are interested in any of our salvaged parts please contact

When the boats come in, we strip them of there reusable parts, and then we pile them until we have enough to bring in the grinder.

The grinder can handle an entire boat all at once.

The boat is half way through now.

This is all that's left!!!!

This is the raw material which we are working toward using in construction and other applications.