Preferring to paddle a canoe in the river watching the industrious beaver carry on their architectural feats of go full throttle on an open lake with a wash of white to mark your trail, boating has been a big part of this area heritage. To the Dallimore family of Sandy Cove Marine, boating also means heritage.

For over forty years, both experts to beginners have sought the quality advice and value at Sandy Cove Marine. "Everybody likes different things about boats but they all get the same thing out of it, freedom," says Ted Dallimore who started with his father, Fred in 1961.

The business started as a small shop on the 11th line in Innisfil, near the community of Sandy Cove. Being original settlers and the proximity to the hamlet, it was natural to take the name for the business. In 1965, Ted took over sole ownership moving to a 20 ft. x 25 ft. building on the 25th Sideroad with only a mechanic, a salesman, and himself. "The first boat I sold was to Mr. Scott. He's dead now but he bought a 50 hp. Mercury. The second was to Mr. Smith, who bought a 25 hp. Mercury," says Ted Dallimore offering that for over forty years, their customers deserve to be remembered.

Dallimore believes this type of loyalty has lead to the success of Sandy Cove Marine, loyalty from customers and employees, but also loyalty to them through exceptional service from Sandy Cove Marine. "The entire marine industry has changed and we've changed with it, but we still believe in the grassroots that built this business. We are dedicated to providing the best for our customers and we still do that, seven days a week," says Dallimore who instilled this same work ethic and devotion into his family including Scott, now the Owner/Operator.

"Growing up in the family business, I knew I'd be in the hot seat one day," says Scott Dallimore who during his tenure has focused on maintaining and growing their customer base. Often selling to third and forth generations of the same family, Sandy Cove Marine uses the same values today as forty years ago with a few added touches...